And To Think That We Thought That We’d Never Be Friends

It’s funny how quickly an argument ends . . . And to think that we thought that we’d never be friends!   This over-the-top story about arguing and making up again starts slowly, with an all-too-familiar fight between siblings, and builds to a joyous, crashing crescendo as friends, family, neighbours and complete strangers annoy and […]

Boom Chicka Rock

Let’s dance and party and Rock-and-Roll. Bring out the Good China Dishes and the Big Punch Bowl.   When kitchen clock-dwelling, fun-loving mice–numbers One through Twelve–decide to throw an impromptu late-night party, not even Max the housecat is going to stand in their way.

Uncle Alonzo’s Beard

‘My Uncle Alonzo, who’s really quite weird, Often finds people asleep in his beard . . . !’   Uncle Alonzo’s Beard is one of those silly, nonsensical rhyming books sure to captivate preschoolers and parents alike.  My own niece (5-and-a-half at the time I wrote this review), continues to find it hilarious at every […]