Look! A Book!: A Zany Seek-and-Find Adventure

  Grinning ghosts and pizza planes, underwater subway trains. Not a lot of words to read— the pictures here are all you need!   Actually, the above is not entirely true. While this fantastic seek-and-find book does keep the text to a minimum, lovely, evocative words such as “squawking,” “toothy,” and “jubilee” add funny-bone-tickling character […]

Bad Cat

“Hey, you, bad cat! How dare you do that?” Bad Cat–evil feline genius, or just a well-intentioned but misunderstood kitty?  Either way, Bad Cat (the book) is a wildly entertaining tale of mischief and misunderstanding that I highly recommend. The story of a grinning cat with a twinkle in his eye, who is constantly stirring […]

Donna O’Neeshuck Was Chased By Some Cows

Donna O’Neeshuck was chased by some cows, And also by mooses and gooses and sows. It happened one day When Donna at play Patted a cow on the head. Anyone who has ever read anything by Bill Grossman, such as My Little Sister Hugged An Ape, knows that they are in for a good dose […]


Arrowville was never slow—a constant go, go go! In a manic panic people hustled to and fro. Every pointed person had a pointed point of view, and every point in Arrowville was always just askew. With Arrowville, author/illustrator Geefwee Boedoe has created a keen, insightful story about prejudice while maintaining a sense of playfulness that […]

Sun is Falling, Night is Calling

Dusk’s around us, Night is near. Mama says, “Come snuggle here.” I am not easily impressed by simple bedtime stories. In fact, it seems sometimes that the simplest books are the most difficult to do well, because they require such thoughtfulness when it comes to word and picture in order to avoid trite cliches.  I […]

Engelbert Sneem and His Dream Vacuum Cleaner

We have rascals and robbers and cheaters and pinchers And fibbers and squealers and rotters and stinkers. But out of them all there is nobody meaner Than Englebert Sneem and his Dream Vacuum Cleaner This story cracks me up.  Daniel Postgate is generally a pretty reliable author, but with Engelbert Sneem (published in the U.S. […]