Tacky the Penguin

Age Range: Preschool & Up Tacky  is a penguin who marches to the beat of his own internal drummer, happily oblivious to his differences from the other penguins. The nicest thing about Tacky, though, is that no matter how clumsy or confused he might be, it is his very uniqueness that usually leads to him […]

Isabella Abnormella
 and the Very, Very Finicky Queen of Trouble

No comforters, plush pillows Sheets of silk or velveteen Could bring a golden slumber To Her Majesty, the Queen When the Queen of Trouble’s insomnia pushes her to the breaking point, will anyone in the kingdom have a solution so she can finally get a good night’s sleep? 

The Elephantom

We have an Elephantom. He turned up on Tuesday, just after tea-time. To be honest, he’s starting to bug me. Sometimes all you want or need in a story is just a straightforward entertaining narrative.  The Elephantom is perfect for those times.  Ross Collins’ story of a little girl with a pesky, mischievous, phantom elephant […]

Inventor McGregor

Mend-It McGregor, everyone called him, because he could mend most anything that needed mending, they said, from fishing rods and fairy wands to top hats and rubber ducks. Inventor Hector McGregor leads the sort of life we can all envy.  He loves his work, has a wonderful family and a happy home, and spends his […]

Junk Collector School

Andy is [a] little kid. He is like most six-year-olds: he loves dogs, dollars, and junk. Andy doesn’t collect anything special himself, but Jake thinks he should. “Otherwise, life can get a little meaningless,” he says. This is a great story of intergenerational friendship, ingenuity, and seeing the value in everyday objects.