The Gifts of Wali Dad: A Tale of India and Pakistan

“No shame can come to such as you,” said one of the peris [to Wali Dad]. “Thought your clothes are poor, in your heart you are a king.” Although my absolute favourite picture books tend mostly to be the funny or silly ones, throughout my life I’ve always been enchanted as well by folk tales.  […]

We’re Riding on a Caravan: an Adventure on the Silk Road

We’re riding on a caravan, a bumpy, humpy caravan, We’re riding on a caravan to places far away. When I first spotted this book, I was initially excited and then almost immediately wary.  I love the idea of books that convey interesting historical and cultural information to kids in an entertaining way, but my experience […]

The Bachelor and the Bean: A Jewish Moroccan Folk Tale

“Give me back my bean!” the angry old bachelor shouted. “By the hair of my grandmother’s beard! It is only a miserable bean!” exclaimed the imp. “Look, here is a magic pot. Ask for whatever you want to eat, and it will appear. Only keep the noise down—I hate a racket!” A grumpy old bachelor […]

The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Frères

In Paris’ Latin Quarter, Chef Marcel owns a fancy bistro called Le Bistrot des Sept Frères, or The Bistro of the Seven Brothers. Le Bistrot des Sept Frères has the very best in mouse cuisine.  Anyone who is anyone eats there. It is the hippest place in Paris! Tell me you’re not intrigued after that […]