That is NOT a Good Idea!

“That isREALLYNOTa good idea!  It’s pretty well known at this point that picture book author/illustrator Mo Willems rarely hits a wrong note with his stories. His characters, from Knuffle Bunny to Pigeon, have become childhood favourites, and he never seems to run out of unique but incredibly reader-friendly ideas. That is NOT a Good Idea! […]


‘Fwip-fwip-fwip’ Okay, so the line above isn’t so much an introduction to this story as it is the sound at the heart of it—the sound of Earl the dog’s tail wagging. In Wag!, cartoonist Patrick McDonnell has taken the beloved characters of his comic strip, Mutts, and used them to create a sweet, uncomplicated picture […]

What Animals Really Like

“We are frogs, and we like tennis and most martial arts. Our favourite food is pizza with extra mushrooms, but with absolutely no tomatoes whatsoever.” The legendary conductor Mr. Herbert Timberteeth is thrilled to present his latest song, in concert: “What Animals Like Most.”  The problem, as presented in the story of What Animals Like […]