What Animals Really Like

“We are frogs, and we like tennis and most martial arts. Our favourite food is pizza with extra mushrooms, but with absolutely no tomatoes whatsoever.” The legendary conductor Mr. Herbert Timberteeth is thrilled to present his latest song, in concert: “What Animals Like Most.”  The problem, as presented in the story of What Animals Like […]

Tacky the Penguin

Age Range: Preschool & Up Tacky  is a penguin who marches to the beat of his own internal drummer, happily oblivious to his differences from the other penguins. The nicest thing about Tacky, though, is that no matter how clumsy or confused he might be, it is his very uniqueness that usually leads to him […]

Olivia the Pig

Age Range: Preschool & Up The adventures of the incomparably imaginative Olivia, diva-in-training, include some subtle artistic surprises that will expand your kids’ horizons without their even realizing it. And don’t forget to check out the official OLIVIA THE PIG WEBSITE and download the Olivia “Event Kit” with Colouring Pages, Games and More!