Cats’ Night Out

In the city,windows light.How many catswill dance tonight? It’s not particularly surprising that Cats’ Night Out won what is arguably the top children’s literature prize in Canada, the Governor General’s Literary Award. It’s one of those children’s books that hits all the right notes (no pun intended).

Bad Cat

“Hey, you, bad cat! How dare you do that?” Bad Cat–evil feline genius, or just a well-intentioned but misunderstood kitty?  Either way, Bad Cat (the book) is a wildly entertaining tale of mischief and misunderstanding that I highly recommend. The story of a grinning cat with a twinkle in his eye, who is constantly stirring […]

Boom Chicka Rock

Let’s dance and party and Rock-and-Roll. Bring out the Good China Dishes and the Big Punch Bowl.   When kitchen clock-dwelling, fun-loving mice–numbers One through Twelve–decide to throw an impromptu late-night party, not even Max the housecat is going to stand in their way.