Donna O’Neeshuck Was Chased By Some Cows

Donna O’Neeshuck was chased by some cows, And also by mooses and gooses and sows. It happened one day When Donna at play Patted a cow on the head. Anyone who has ever read anything by Bill Grossman, such as My Little Sister Hugged An Ape, knows that they are in for a good dose […]

Sun is Falling, Night is Calling

Dusk’s around us, Night is near. Mama says, “Come snuggle here.” I am not easily impressed by simple bedtime stories. In fact, it seems sometimes that the simplest books are the most difficult to do well, because they require such thoughtfulness when it comes to word and picture in order to avoid trite cliches.  I […]

What Elephant?

“Elephants don’t watch TV, and they certainly don’t eat chocolate chip cookies.” I’m not a fan of preachy books, or those that revolve around teaching kids a lesson, but I do have a soft spot for a great story that encourages  the sort of character traits that reinforce independent thinking, creativity, and imagination.  What Elephant? […]

47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea

Deep in the northwest territ’ry, Where the woods look down on the western sea And the trappers trap so merrily For the streams are oh so beavery-y . . . This giggle-inducing stanza starts off a story that is sure to have both parents and kids laughing with delight, as 47 beavers outwit egotistical trapper […]