Benjamin Budge and Barnaby Ball

Written by Florence Heide Parry - Illustrated by Sally Matthews

Benjamin Budge was a great big man,
A great big huge TREMENDOUS man,
But his tiny house was so very small,
There wasn’t room for him at all!

Now Barnaby Ball was a wee small man,
A tiny, tiny, tiny man.
But his house was as big as a house can be
Too big for Barnaby Ball, you see.

Neighbours Benjamin Budge and Barnaby Ball have a couple of very serious, very similar problems. Benjamin Budge is a very big man in a very little house, and Barnaby Ball is a very small man in a very large house, and they are both rather miserable.

Florence Parry Heide’s humourous description of their predicaments, accompanied by Sally Matthews’ elaborately detailed black-white-and-green drawings, are an enchanting combination, and kids will be kept laughing as the neighbours cope with their respective frustrationing situations until they finally come together to find the solution.

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