Written & Illustrated by Geefwee Boedoe

Arrowville was never slow—a constant go, go go!
In a manic panic people hustled to and fro.
Every pointed person had a pointed point of view,
and every point in Arrowville was always just askew.

With Arrowville, author/illustrator Geefwee Boedoe has created a keen, insightful story about prejudice while maintaining a sense of playfulness that keeps the book from being overly didactic.
When target-shaped strangers wander into Arrowville (hey, no one is accusing the author of subtlety), the repercussions are fast and widespread.  Things look dire, but eventually reason does prevail.

Boedoe’s illustrations are the perfect complement to his story.  Stark colours, often limited to two or three per page, and simple lines with just a bit of an uneven edge to them, set off the high emotion of this story about misunderstanding, prejudice, and the perils of jumping to conclusions.

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