Number & Counting Books Part II

Preschoolers & Up

Now that your little one has already mastered counting to ten, why not try something a little more challenging?  Number concepts can be found all over the place, from learning about money to basic arithmetic to telling time.  Here are a handful of number and counting books that address ideas beyond just the basics!

(Left: Funky Numbers Print by Patricia Cancado.  You can find this and more of her beautiful art for kids at trendypeas.)

Benny’s Pennies
Written by Pat Brisson
Illustrated by Bob Barner

(Ages 3+)
A first look at the concept of money and its various denominations, as well as the idea of generosity to others.Where To Buy
Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
Written by Lloyd Moss
Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

(Ages 3+)
Both a counting book and a wonderful introduction to orchestral instruments.
Winner of a Caldecott Honor Award.
Where To Buy
G is for One Gzonk!:
An Alpha-Number-Bet Book
By Tony DiTerlizzi (aka Tiny DiTerlooney)
(Ages 3+)Where To Buy
Tree Ring Circus
Written & Illustrated by Adam Rex

(Ages 3+)Where To Buy
One Hundred Hungry Ants
Written by Elinor J. Pinczes
Illustrated by Bonnie MacKain

(Ages 4+)
Adorable illustrations, lovely rhymes, and an introduction to the idea of division.Where To Buy
A Remainder of One
Written by Elinor J. Pinczes
Illustrated by Bonnie MacKain

(Ages 4+)
Where To Buy
How Much is a Million?
Written by David M. Schwartz
Illustrated by Stephen Kellogg

(Ages 4+)
Schwartz & Kellog help children conceive of the inconceivable in this beloved classic.Where To Buy
365 Penguins
Written by Jean-Luc Fromental
Illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet

(Ages 5+)
All sorts of math functions introduced, in a funny, silly story.Where To Buy

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