For a Rainy Day:

Crafts and Activities Books

One difficult I’ve noticed in dealing with children’s books is the lack of activity books (particularly really interesting ones) suitable for very young children. Indoors and outdoors, science and art–there are books here full of ideas and suggestions to get your preschoolers engaged and active and keep them busy anytime.

(Left: Puddle Boots by Elisabeth Zuniga.  You can find this and more of Elisabeth’s artwork for children at Loxly Hollow.)

Making Make-Believe:
Fun Props, Costumes and Creative Play Ideas

by MaryAnn F. KohlFrom easy-to-make costumes and masks to simple stage sets and pretend play spaces, this book has everything your kids need to stretch their imaginations and let out their inner thespians.Where To Buy
Storybook Art:
Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of 100 Great Picture Book Illustrators

by MaryAnn F. KohlLet your kids try their hands at creating art in the styles of their favourite picture books. Also a great way to pique their interest in new books and illustrators.Where To Buy
Good Earth Art:
Environmental Art for Kids

by MaryAnn F. Kohl & Cindy GainerArt projects that will have kids turning found materials from both home and nature into new creations–from homemade crayons and handmade paper  to a gourd guitar. Emphasizes recycling and natural materials.Where To Buy
Sandbox Scientist:
Real Science Activities for Little Kids

Written by Michael E. Ross
Illustrated by Mary Anne Lloyd
Interesting experiments (with notes about appropriate age ranges), more book suggestions, and commentary about how real kids responded to each activity make this a great choice.Where To Buy
Rainy Day Play:
Explore, Create, Discover, Pretend

by Nancy F. CastaldoOne of the things I love about author Castaldo is that unlike most authors of “rainy day” activity books, she is not afraid to suggest a few activities that actually get kids out in the rain (as long as it is relatively mild weather), experiencing and exploring nature.Where To Buy
Sunny Days and Starry Nights:
Nature Activities for Ages 2-6

by Nancy F. CastaldoFun activities and facts to help young kids learn about weather, animals, plants and more.Where To Buy
Fun With My 5 Senses
Activities to Build Learning Readiness

Written by Sarah Williamson
Illustrated by Loretta Trezzo Braren
Activities that will get children thinking about their senses and how they perceive the world around them.Where To Buy
Kids Make Music!
Clapping and Tapping from Bach to Rock!

Written by Avery Hart and Paul Mantell
Illustrated by Loretta Trezzo Braren
Everything from improvisation and dancing to homemade instruments!Where To Buy