More Fantastic Chanukah Picture Books!

Chanukah Favourites III

Chanukah is one of those holidays that the whole family looks forward to. The traditions are infectiously fun and the atmosphere is always party-like. What better way to keep the party going than to make storytime with your little ones a part of your tradition on those eight holiday nights?

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If the idea of Chanukah storytime appeals to you, or if you’re just looking for some great holiday stories to read at bedtime, look no further! Here are some more of our Chanukah favourites . . .

The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes
Written by Linda Glaser
Illustrated by Nancy Cote

It’s the last night of Hanukkah, and Aunt Tilly has just called to say that even more relatives are coming. When Mama and Rachel realize they are out of potatoes, Rachel decides to borrow from Mrs. Greenberg. Then she’ll ask Mrs. Greenberg, who is all alone, to share Hanukkah with them. But Mrs. Greenberg is very stubborn! (Albert Whitman)

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Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hanukkah
Written by Linda Glaser

Illustrated by Nancy Cote

Though it’s the first night of Hanukkah, Rachel’s family won’t really be celebrating until next week. But Rachel wants to celebrate now, so she comes up wtih a good idea: while her parents do errands, she’ll visit her neighbor, Mrs. Greenberg, and they can make latkes together. (Albert Whitman)

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Eight Wild Nights
Written by Brian P. Cleary

Illustrated by David Udovic

With humor and rhyme, a Jewish family celebrates and survives the eight days of Hanukkah. Every Jewish family will relate to this roller coaster of joys and adventures as an assortment of relatives and friends descends on the household. (Kar-Ben)

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Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat
Written & Illustrated by Naomi Howland

Sadie and her four mischievous younger brothers . . . are very poor and always hungry. But–what joy!–on the first wintry night of Chanukah, Sadie is given a frying pan that cooks up sizzling-hot delicious potato pancakes on command. When Sadie goes out on the last day of Chanukah, she warns her brothers not to touch the magic pan. But the minute she steps out the door…  (Naomi Howland)

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Jodie’s Hanukkah Dig
Written by Anna Levine

Illustrated by Ksenia Topaz

When Jodie begs her dad to take her on an archaeological dig, he agrees to take her to Modi’in, the ancient home of the Maccabees. And when she volunteers to explore an underground cave, she learns that she and the Maccabees, the heroes of the Hanukkah story, have something in common. (Kar-Ben)

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Menorah Under the Sea
by Esther Susan Heller

December is summer in Antarctica, and the warmer temperatures and constant daylight make it the best time for scientists to work. Diving for sea urchins at the bottom of the frigid sea, marine biologist David Ginsburg wonders, “How can I celebrate Hanukkah when there is no nightfall? Can I light a menorah while the sun is still shining?” Take a trip to McMurdo Research Station and join his most unusual holiday celebration. (Kar-Ben)

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Lots of Latkes: A Hanukkah Story
Written by Sandy Lanton
Illustrated by Vicki Jo Redenbaugh

When mice eat the sugar, the apples have rotted, and the fish aren’t biting, what can Rivka Leah’s friends bring to her Hanukkah celebration?

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Pearl’s Eight Days of Chanukah:
With a Story & Activity For Each Night
Written & Illustrated by Jane Breskin Zalben

Chanukah’s here, and Pearl is looking forward to celebrating it with her family. But there’s one problem — Pearl’s just found out that her cousins Harry and Sophie will be joining them for all eight nights of Chanukah, and she fears the worst. After all, it was Sophie who once put a latke on Pearl’s chair for her to sit on! (Simon & Schuster)

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