Bad Cat

“Hey, you, bad cat! How dare you do that?” Bad Cat–evil feline genius, or just a well-intentioned but misunderstood kitty?  Either way, Bad Cat (the book) is a wildly entertaining tale of mischief and misunderstanding that I highly recommend. The story of a grinning cat with a twinkle in his eye, who is constantly stirring […]

The Kettles Get New Clothes

“Follow me!” said Monsieur Pip, heading for the dressing rooms. “I have exactly what you need!” SO THE KETTLES WENT IN . . .   When it comes to concepts taught in early childhood, we all know the drill:  alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours, opposites.  These are the basics, obvious to everyone, the building blocks that […]

Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch

A woman once worked for Hieronymus Bosch— she handled his cooking, his cleaning, his wash. She baked and she swept while his paintings, she feared, grew increasingly wild and decidedly weird. In Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch we are presented with the disconcerting notion of what life would have been like in the household of […]

Donna O’Neeshuck Was Chased By Some Cows

Donna O’Neeshuck was chased by some cows, And also by mooses and gooses and sows. It happened one day When Donna at play Patted a cow on the head. Anyone who has ever read anything by Bill Grossman, such as My Little Sister Hugged An Ape, knows that they are in for a good dose […]

Barney Bipple’s Magic Dandelions

When Miss Minerva Merkle gives Barney three magic dandelions as a reward for a good deed, he knows just what to ask for. But Barney ignores Miss Merkle’s warning not to wish for anything too complicated—and magic soon turns into trouble! I was going to start this review by saying that Barney Bipple’s Magic Dandelions […]

The Elephantom

We have an Elephantom. He turned up on Tuesday, just after tea-time. To be honest, he’s starting to bug me. Sometimes all you want or need in a story is just a straightforward entertaining narrative.  The Elephantom is perfect for those times.  Ross Collins’ story of a little girl with a pesky, mischievous, phantom elephant […]