Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch

A woman once worked for Hieronymus Bosch— she handled his cooking, his cleaning, his wash. She baked and she swept while his paintings, she feared, grew increasingly wild and decidedly weird. In Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch we are presented with the disconcerting notion of what life would have been like in the household of […]

Isabella Abnormella
 and the Very, Very Finicky Queen of Trouble

No comforters, plush pillows Sheets of silk or velveteen Could bring a golden slumber To Her Majesty, the Queen When the Queen of Trouble’s insomnia pushes her to the breaking point, will anyone in the kingdom have a solution so she can finally get a good night’s sleep? 

The Gifts of Wali Dad: A Tale of India and Pakistan

“No shame can come to such as you,” said one of the peris [to Wali Dad]. “Thought your clothes are poor, in your heart you are a king.” Although my absolute favourite picture books tend mostly to be the funny or silly ones, throughout my life I’ve always been enchanted as well by folk tales.  […]


Arrowville was never slow—a constant go, go go! In a manic panic people hustled to and fro. Every pointed person had a pointed point of view, and every point in Arrowville was always just askew. With Arrowville, author/illustrator Geefwee Boedoe has created a keen, insightful story about prejudice while maintaining a sense of playfulness that […]

Inventor McGregor

Mend-It McGregor, everyone called him, because he could mend most anything that needed mending, they said, from fishing rods and fairy wands to top hats and rubber ducks. Inventor Hector McGregor leads the sort of life we can all envy.  He loves his work, has a wonderful family and a happy home, and spends his […]

The Pink Refrigerator

“Try to do as little as possible.” This was Dodsworth’s motto. This is a fabulous story about inspiration, curiosity, and trying new things. It is the story of Dodsworth, a lazy mole who gets by in life doing as little as possible. Dodsworth is not necessarily unhappy, but isn’t particularly happy either.  He just sort […]