Windy and Friends

Age Range: Preschool & Up These small-format, hardcover picture books are real treasures. The weather-themed stories are simple but well composed, with fantastic vocabulary. The pictures–of handcrafted tableaux created by the authors–are unique and fascinating in their textured look. And each book is full of little treats–a CD of songs at the back written especially […]

Tacky the Penguin

Age Range: Preschool & Up Tacky  is a penguin who marches to the beat of his own internal drummer, happily oblivious to his differences from the other penguins. The nicest thing about Tacky, though, is that no matter how clumsy or confused he might be, it is his very uniqueness that usually leads to him […]


Age Range: Toddler There is a Froggy  story for almost every occasion or circumstance, but unlike some other such prolific authors, Jonathan London manages to maintain the entertainment value throughout this series of familiar situations, with sound effects that will keep toddlers giggling non-stop.