Today is MY Day

Written by Anushka Ravishankar - Illustrated by Piet Grobler

You can tell me to be good

And I’ll sincerely try
You can tell me to eat spinach

And I won’t blink an eye
You can tell me anything you want

And I’ll do as you say

But not today

No, not today




What  kid doesn’t wish that just for once they could be in charge?  Tala’s not a naughty little girl, she is just tired of constantly being told what to do, having all the adults in her life (even her older sister) make decisions for her.  So Tala decides to take matters into her own hands.  What follows is a rollicking romp through a little girl’s imagination, as she not only decides to do things her way for a day, but imagines the repercussions for the adults around her as only a young child could.

Once again, India’s Tara Publishing has come out with a fantastic story—unique, funny, with simple but striking illustrations and creative use of text that will keep kids’ eyes riveted to the page.

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