The Story of Giraffe

Written by Ronald Hermsen - Concept & Illustrations by Guido Pigni

After Noah insists that Giraffe find a significant other to join him on the ark, Giraffe travels to the ends of the earth in search of her.

The Story of Giraffe is an engaging, unadorned story inspired by the tale of Noah’s Ark.  Animal stories are common in children’s books and generally entertaining, but rarely very unique.  The Story of Giraffe, while spare in its text, and traditional in the sense that is the story of an individual’s quest for companionship, nevertheless has a very one-of-a-kind feel to it that makes it stand out from other animal tales.

Clean lines and design, with small squares of text centred on blank pages facing simple, eye-catching pictures with colours that are muted but never faded or washed out, give The Story of Giraffe a feel that is both modern and somehow timeless.

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