The Queen’s Feet

Written by Sarah Ellis - Illustrated by Dušan Petricic

Queen Daisy has a great deal of trouble with her feet. They have minds of their own and do not like behaving in a royal way.

Here is another story about royalty that will stand out like a shining beacon from the standard cutesy princess and brave knight stories of which most adults have grown tired.  

Any child will relate to the difficulties of Queen Daisy, whose feet just won’t seem to stay still or do what they are supposed to.  Queen Daisy’s feet don’t want to wear proper, elegant shoes or step daintily about the dance floor at royal balls. Instead, they want to wear cozy slippers, or the sort of boots that are particularly good for stomping in mud puddles; they want to dance wildly and occasionally give a bit of a kick to someone who is particularly mean.

Luckily, Queen Daisy’s problem is resolved without too much difficulty, and in a manner that both parents and children can appreciate, which recognizes that there are times when one must behave properly even when it’s no fun at all, but that it is equally important to make time to kick off one’s shoes (pardon the pun) and let off a little steam.

Dušan Petri?i?’s drawings are eloquent in their own right, and the ideal complement to this story, showing only the queen’s legs and feet in their various predicaments for most of the story, only revealing her whole self at the end, showing her integration as a whole person just as the story wraps up in similar fashion.

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