Rotten and Rascal: The Two Terrible Pterosaur Twins

Written & Illustrated by Paul Geraghty

65 million years ago the world was a deafening


There were thunderstorms.

There were volcanoes.

There were landslides.

And there were earthquakes.

But most of the noise came from

Rotten and Rascal,

Two terrible pterosaur twins.

As any parent—or, frankly, anyone who has ever been around siblings at all—knows, sibling rivalry is one of those things you can always count on.  And sibling rivalry is equally reliable as a story theme; there are few things that kids love to hear about more than the familiar screeches and squawks of brothers and sisters squabbling.  Even only children can relate to the constant squabbles that are equally common among young friends.

Rotten and Rascal is a fabulous tale of sibling rivalry—spot-on accurate in its depiction of a pair of brothers who squabble over anything and everything. It is funny, a bit pointed, but not overly didactic in the way it delivers a neat lesson about the consequences of this sort of thoughtless rivalry. This is a great book for impatient little ones, who are very likely to recognize themselves in the antics of the young dinosaurs.

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