Mrs. Biddlebox (Her Bad Day & What She Did About It)

Written by Linda Smith - Illustrated by Marla Frazee

On a grubby little hill,

in a dreary little funk,

Mrs. Biddlebox rolled over

on the wrong side of her bunk.

Everybody has bad days, and to young children they can seem even worse.  Luckily, Mrs. Biddlebox has the perfect solution:  She rolls up all the elements of that lousy, miserable day, bakes them into a cake, and devours it!  Little kids will love the kinetic rhythms as this rhyming story bounces them along through Mrs. Biddlebox’s unique plan to fix her day, and will be reassured by the amusing reminder that bad days are only temporary.

The illustrations are simple and shadowed to reflect the miserable day, but not at all frightening or intimidating.  Rather, they have a wonderful feeling of movement and action that draws you along with the story.

Mrs. Biddlebox is most definitely a great book to have on hand for a bad day.

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