47 Beavers on the Big, Blue Sea

Written by Phil Vischer - Illustrated by Jared Chapman

Deep in the northwest territ’ry,

Where the woods look down on the western


And the trappers trap so merrily

For the streams are oh so beavery-y . . .

This giggle-inducing stanza starts off a story that is sure to have both parents and kids laughing with delight, as 47 beavers outwit egotistical trapper Stu and, working together, make a hilarious (and ultimately successful!) break for freedom.

Jared Chapman’s striking illustrations are of a squared-off, exaggerated style that will be familiar to many children from modern cartoons, and bear the humour of the book right through into the pictures.

Phil Vischer’s rhyme scheme can be a little bit complicated, but its cadences are reliably regular once you get into the swing of things, and the language of the story—words like “debated,” “developed,” and “scheming”—is fantastic.

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