Little Owl Lost

Written and Illustrated by Chris Haughton

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While I certainly understand the rationale behind those board books with a single word or repetitive phrase per page (they are, after all, for babies, and it is important both to introduce vocabulary and to reinforce new concepts), I’m always thrilled to find a board book with an actual story in it, if only because it keeps things a little more interesting for parents.


In this case, Chris Haughton’s Little Owl Lost is a sweet, heartwarming story in the manner of P.D. Eastman’s beloved classic, Are You My Mother?. With gentle humour—conveyed through the visuals as much as the text—and just enough repetition to establish the sort of pattern that helps toddlers predict what will happen next (always a great pre-reading confidence booster), it is entertaining enough to stand up to the sort of multiple readings that the audience will undoubtedly insist upon.

And to make things even better, this is a book whose illustrations are worth the purchase price all by themselves. Haughton’s intense, vivid colour palette, and distinctive, rough-edged shapes are both captivating and endearing, and are sure to grab the attention of both toddlers and parents.

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