I Took the Moon for a Walk

Written by Carolyn Curtis - Illustrated by Alison Jay

I took the Moon for a walk last night.

It followed behind like a still summer kite.

Though there wasn’t a string or a tail in sight,

When I took the Moon for a walk.

The very first thing that struck me about I Took the Moon for a Walk, upon reading it for the first time, was that the rhyme scheme was not only well-done (a feat in itself), but that its rhythms were quite distinctly reminiscent of classic nursery rhymes.   As I continued to read, it became apparent that this was entirely appropriate, because Carolyn Curtis’s story has an ageless, traditional feel throughout.  The language is exceptionally lyrical (“And the dogs of the town made a train-whistle choir . . .”), and the story itself is dreamy without being completely abstract.

Alison Jay’s illustrations are gorgeous and perfect for the story, with their diffuse edges, understated colours, and hint of humour (at one point a leaping cow appears—a nod to the cow that jumped over the nursery rhyme moon).  Her signature crackling finish over oil paints gives the whole thing a timeless feel.

And for the more curious of toddlers, the last couple of pages include some simple facts both about the moon and its phases, and nocturnal plants and animals (the latter presented with the question: if you took the moon for a walk, what would you show it?).

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