I Dare You Not to Yawn

Written by Hélène Boudreau - Illustrated by Serge Bloch

Before you know it, you’re tucked into bed, snug as a bug, and wondering . . .
“How did I get here?”

As a little girl, one of my absolute favourite bedtime stories was Frances Face-Maker by William Cole and Tomi Ungerer. No matter how many times my parents read it to me, I never stopped laughing at the nonsensical glee of the little girl whose parents made bedtime more appealing by playing at silly faces with her, and I never tired of making faces along with the story (and my own parents).

I Dare You Not to Yawn is one of those bedtime stories in the same vein, that will have kids giggling and into bed before they have a chance to protest (or even think about protesting).  Illustrated with Serge Bloch’s clever, colour-out-of-the-lines, cartoony drawings, the story is narrated by a little boy “warning” kids about the perils of yawns and other signs of tiredness. But it sneakily reminds kids of exactly the opposite—the snuggliness of soft, cozy pajamas; the coziness of animals getting hugs from their mamas; the way it feels to stretch lazily when you’re sleepy. It’s funny and sweet, and sure to be a bedtime hit.

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