What Is Noodlenuts Children’s Books All About?

I created Noodlenuts to help other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. do what my family did for me: instill a love of books and reading in children right from infancy, by introducing them to unique, innovative books, and by bringing fantastic but under-publicized children’s books into the public eye.  To this day, I credit my parents for having taken the time to seek out truly special stories to share with my sisters and me, and for the lifelong love of reading that evolved from their efforts.

Unlike many other children’s book programs or web sites, I prefer to leave the teaching of specific reading skills to professional educators–though I do place a strong emphasis on choosing books that enhance early literacy skills within the context of great narrative.

Instead, Noodlenuts is focused on teaching a love of books, believing that that visceral love of books leads naturally to a desire to learn to read as children grow.