How Do You Choose Which Children’s Books to Recommend?

Every children’s book that makes it onto the Noodlenuts web site is a book that we are willing to recommend.

Unlike multipurpose review sites which post both positive and negative reviews, Noodlenuts will not even post a book on the site unless we are willing to put our name and reputation behind it as a quality choice.  Noodlenuts is here as a resource, to help you find great kids books as easily as possible, and therefore you can rest assured that any book you find here has been selected with care as a wonderful example of children’s literature.

The children’s books promoted by Noodlenuts are chosen according to criteria unique to our purpose of getting kids hooked on books from a young age.

Those criteria include musicality, rhythm, vocabulary and use of language, and are selected in order to help parents create the best possible storytime experiences to share with their kids. 

Beyond those basics, I also look for books that are innovative in their themes, that don’t patronize or oversimplify things for children, and that encourage critical thinking.  I pay attention to grammar and choice of words, because children hear and remember everything, and there is no reason to start them off early in life with poor grammar or words like “stupid”–which really just indicate sloppiness and a lack of creativity on the part of the author.

Still, while I’m not averse to the occasional “teaching moment,” I will never recommend a book wherein narrative takes a backseat to a “lesson” of any sort.  Story always comes first. 

I also look out for great illustrations.  Nothing enhances a story like striking artwork, and again, this is one of the things that helps children grow attached to their favourite books.